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Barcelona Schroth Physical Therapy Method

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Through the hard work with a Schroth Barcelona Institute Method Certified Physical Therapist, you are taking active steps to mold where your scoliosis will take you.  You will learn to self correct your scoliosis posture in all 3 planes, opposing the curve of your scoliosis.  This is done by aligning the base of your spine, the pelvis, use breathing techniques to help derotate your spine and then through isometric/eccentric muscle engagement, stabilize your spine. 

This sounds complicated and, yes, it is.  This is why it takes a certified therapist to ensure your body makes the right corrections, engages the specific local muscles at the right time and teaches you how to transition from performing this in the clinic to successfully changing your posture and alignment throughout the day.


Schroth Physical Therapy is a Commitment to YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH, and YOUR FUTURE. 

Your program is unique to you.  The exercises are specific and you'll become a master.  In the initial sessions with Dr Takashima, you will start with learning about your body.  You will learn what the Cobb angle is and how it translates into what you see in the mirror.  With that understanding of your body, you will learn to "expand," "lengthen," "forward," "back," "melt."  specific areas to align your posture.   As you progress, the exercises will advance by challenging your ability to stabilize your spine through pelvic alignment and spine derotation through breathing techniques, and then increase the difficulty through more difficult eccentric/concentric stabilization challenges.  Throughout, you will have a daily home exercise program that is an important key to success. 

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