One to One Physical Therapy and Pilates Fitness is a unique physical therapy clinic where you will experience what physical therapy is meant to be.  Healing.  Laughing,  Hard work.  A lot of learning.  A lot of hard work.  A lot of healing.  and  A lot of laughing.  My space is shared with a primary care practice Prometheus Primary Care.  Together, we make a healing environment for everyone who walks through our door.


Karen Takashima

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Owner of One to One Physical Therapy and Pilates Fitness.  Undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy from the Ohio State University.  Then went on to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy from The University of St Augustine.  Dr Takashima went through physical therapy herself for just under a year following hip surgery and has been paying out of pocket for weekly vision therapy sessions since the end of last year.  She places a priority on her health, values her time and finances, and definitely understands the value and necessity of quality therapy.


Part Time Scheduler

Crazy Chick who turns out to love motor cycles more than she knew.  Dr GV and Kaylin have worked side by side for 14 years.  

Dr Guarino-Vogler

Primary Care Physician

Office Space Co-Occupant

Dr GV first came to see me as a therapy patient at my Clintonville office and we knew we were two peas in a pod.  This is how we came to share this office.  Two separate medical practices, one large space.

Tel: 614-259-3324

Fax: 614-636-4582

659 Park Meadow Rd, suite G

Westerville, OH 43081


phone:  614-259-3324

general fax:  614-636-4582

659 Park Meadow Rd, suite G

Westerville, OH 43081

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