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Experience the One to One Difference

and schedule a dry needling session today


Experience The One to One Difference

Dry needling is a proven method of pain control and excellent in treating tissue adhesions. But dry needling alone yields the benefits of only dry needling.
Dr Takashima is certified in both
Dr Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling in addition to

The Graston Technique

together, the two treatments are a power duo.


Now imagine adding the benefits of Cupping, Magnetic Cupping, Wet Cupping, IDN Cupping, Electrical Trigger Point Stimulation, and Cold Laser Therapy!

Schedule an assessment and treatment for the wonderful benefits of Dry Needling and you won't be disappointed


Schedule an assessment and treatment for a multiple approach that is right for you.

Here at One to One Physical Therapy and Pilates Fitness,

we have the knowledge and the power

to get you feeling better

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