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M1 and M2 Graston

Certified Clinician


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pain free movement

Addison reformer achilles graston edited
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GT vs Generic IASTM
• GT is used diagnostically
• Most others only used in a proinflammatory
• Most only focus on mechanical effects
• Many cite our research
• All GT research is conducted

Reverses the coutcome on conditions once thought to be permanent
Breaks up scar tissue to increase range of motion and strength
Prevents acute conditions from becoming chronic
Decreases pain while increasing function
Improve surgical outcomes via scar tissue management
Effectively and efficiently address soft tissue lesions & fascial restrictions resulting in
improved patient outcomes.
Unique design of the stainless steel instruments vibrate enhancing the ability to precisely localize the areas of built up scar tissue, particularly in the muscle, tendons, and ligaments that are the source of dysfunction.
Fosters faster recover and decreases the need for anti-inflammatory medications
Sustained by research
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GT vs Generic IASTM• GT is used diagnostically• Most others only used in a proinflammatorymode• Most only focus on mechanical effects• Many cite our research• All GT research is conductedindependently

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