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Barcelona Schroth Physical 

Time and Commitment 

Schroth is mastered outside the clinic.  Clinic time is when you learn the Schroth skills and the precise adjustments that correct "your spine's specific curves."  Practice Practice and More Practice makes you a Schroth Olympian.

Are you going to simply come to therapy 3 times a week, or are you going to strive to make your therapy  a great investment? 

Schroth is a challenge and "you" are the deciding factor!

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Through pictures, handouts, drawing on shirts, videos and anything else I can do to help you succeed- I will do.  My job is to help you succeed.  So let's gets started.  Let's work together to see where this path will lead.

AA comparison - softened and pants level

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the One to One Difference


Understanding the goal of the corrections is far different from understanding how they change your curves.  As you work with Dr Takashima, you will start to understand what your body "feels like" and having a time laps series of your posture change, helps you to start to put the puzzle pieces together.

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Barcelona Schroth


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